GreenBox applies automation possibilities to control the environment of the desktop-size greenhouse.

For hobbiest, desktop size greenhouse would be sufficient to grow most indoor herbs and vegetable. GreenBox comes with a set that allows you to grow even the most difficult plants, such as wasabi or ginseng. Built-in LED lights provide the plant with the optimal spectrum of colors and it means you don't need to place it in direct sunlight, so you can have it where you are, rather than where the window is. It is smart to adjust the light intensity depending on the environmental light condition, saving you the electricity bill.

GreenBox is covered and insulated while its controller ensures the optimal humidity and temperature for plants to grow. It uses soil-less hydroponics that not only means it's less messy than soil, but also requires less maintenance – you just add water once a month, and the plants absorb as much of it and nutrients as possible. It uses 90 percent less water than more frequent watering, and helps the plants grow faster.