Bao Tran

Bao is currently in his final study phase at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Despite being the youngest in the team, he shows his dedication and interests in software development. His passion will soon turn him into a guru.

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen has extensive experience in embedded system engineering. He got his bachelor from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, master from University of Turku and currently doing his PhD in Turku.

His visions are of distributed and self-powered sensor nodes that power our future life.

Quang Doan

Quang Pham completed his Master program at Aalto University. Currently, he helps GFarming develop the GreenBox, the ultimate environment for plants to thrive.

Tuan Vu

Graduated from Aalto University, Tuan has had more than a decade of working experience in the technology industry. He hold a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and a Master degree in Service Management and Engineering. In ABB, he is known as an innovation driving factor, was given the ABB CPM Innovation award twice and is a co-author of an ABB's pattern.

In GFarming, he designs the architecture and supports development activities. He also works as a business developer, securing the very first customers for GFarming.