GreenHub senses your farm via its sophisticated sensor network and activates irrigation and fertilization whenever these actions are required. 

For decades, we have been cultivating without comprehensive understanding of our soil. At GFarming, we believe thorough knowledge of the soil is critical for a fruitful harvest. We develop GreenHub, which will alter our agriculture's future. 

GreenHub is an integrated automation solution, incoporating latest advances in wireless sensors and automation technology. These solar-powered sensors are distributed to the field to provide a remarkable insight of your soil. GreenHub's sensors measure soil humidity, temperature, light intensity and other factors related to plant growth every minute. GreenHub will warn you whenever any of those factors run out of the intended range and triggers appropriate response.

GreenHub takes care of the farm for you. The hub keeps a keen eye on any environmental changes, either by the weather forecast or by the sophisticated sensor network itself, to make sure that your farm is always ready even in the harshest condition. If GreenHub knows that it is going to rain, it will reduce the amount of water for irrigation, thus saving your electricity bill and also beneficial for the environment. On the other hand, if GreenHub predicts that there is going to be a peak in temperature, it will make sure that your plant will accumulate enough water for the strike. If the hub detects any abnormal phenomenon, it will notify you before the plants start to wilt.

GreenHub Sensors package

Each GreenHub sensor node can monitor the following physical parameters:

- Temperature and humidity: for continuously monitoring locally environmental conditions and estimating the evaporation of the land. Evaporation is the quantity of water turned from liquid into vapor to the airr time unit through combined effects of transpiration, through  plants, and evaporation directly from the soil. Knowledge of these parameters is essential to estimate the water needed for growing plants and figure out if there are favorable conditions for the crop.

- Rain gauge: measuring the amount of real-time rain during the day. Knowing this magnitude is a key factor in understanding how much water the ground absorbs. It can be used both to optimize the irrigation systems, and to figure out if they are experiencing excess moisture and standing water that may favor the spread of pathogens and fungi.

- Anemometer: real-time measurement of the direction and intensity of the wind in the period of one or more days. The data is displayed using a compass that allows you to easily understand in which direction and with what intensity the wind has blown in the period under consideration. This measure is useful in evaluating the effects of natural pollination due to the wind which is a key element for crops. Knowing in which direction and to what degree the wind has blown optimizes the mechanical pollination strategies and concentrates manuals, for example, in the less subject to wind zones.

- Temperature of the soil: is measured at periodic intervals and can be used to estimate the evaporation of the soil. The temperature of the soil is also a key factor to understand when to sow. Low temperatures, in fact, may represent an element that prevents the birth of the plant and its proper development.

- Soil moisture : is measured at periodic intervals in a similar manner as the soil's temperature. The moisture sensor measures the load of suction , ie. the force with which the water  is attracted to and retained in the soil. So depending on the measured pressure of the load suction and the instrument, it can be predicted when the soil is saturated. On the other hand, when the instrument measures are too high and the ground is too dry, it is high time to irrigate.



GreenHub integrates with GreenCloud - the cloud computing and big data platform. The hub understands your crops based on the information collected from thousand of similar farms and suggests you on the next best practices.

What would be better if the latest advances in technology makes sure that your yield will peak at all time?